Do you want your products to arrive ready to use?

How often have you ordered products only to find yourself trying to sort through them after they have arrived, then find you’re missing that one specialised tool for assembly. These types of issues are common and can cause your project to come to a stop – impacting time and profitability.

For us the assembly process is half the fun in a project, but we understand you need have your parts ready to use as soon as possible.

We like to take this pressure from you and assemble your design in-house. This ensures all components are accounted for and the finished product meets the high standard you want it in.

Stainless Welding

Let ES3 reduce your sorting time by assembling parts before delivery

By sending you fully assembled kits, your products have never been so easy to put into use. We can assist with menial tasks such as bolting parts together, or as much as assembling your entire product.

We have trained engineers who can help you with assembly techniques and skilled dispatch staff that take pride in keeping your components categorised, minimising sorting time when delivered.