Announcing the arrival of our new Tube Laser

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ES3's new Nukon Tube Laser

We have recently purchased a new Tube Laser to complement our line-up of world class machinery: the Nukon NK-T160.

This machine is a 4kW Fibre Laser capable of clamping 200NB (8″) Pipe or 200x100mm rectangular hollow section, making it one of the largest in the country. It is suitable for pipe, tube and square or rectangular profile cutting with up to 8000mm lengths of material.

It boast a bevel cutting head capable of +/- 45° with high production speeds and improved quality and dimensional tolerance in the final product.

Machine Specifications

Max. Cutting Capacity – Mild Steel12mm
Max. Cutting Capacity – Stainless Steel12mm
Max. Cutting Capacity – Aluminium10mm
Max. Outer Circle Diameter226mm
Max. Pipe Diameter226mm
Max. Square Dimension160mm x 160mm
Max. Rectangular Dimension200mm x 100mm
Max. Loading Weight35 kg/m

Read more about the technical specifications here.

We are expecting this machine to be installed in December 2022 in view of being ready for production by 2023.

If you’d like us to provide you a price to laser cut parts on this machine, please send your files / 3D models to and we’ll send you a quotation.

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