Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an ever-flourishing profitable company by:

  • Giving our customers rapid, intelligent and comprehensive solutions.
  • Respecting, elevating and empowering our employees.
  • Supporting the growth, development and sustainability of our suppliers.

Company Profile

ES3 Ltd was established in August 2012 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Satius Group. This group also includes Ultibend and UPG. Ultibend have been providing stainless steel tube fittings for the Australian and New Zealand dairy, food and beverage industry in excellence since 1992. UPG is a supplier of PE pipe and fittings to local industries, specializing in custom fabrication and installation tooling.

ES3 is a forward-looking company:

  • We listen to what our customers tell us.
  • We keep a close watch on international trends and developments.
  • We continually refine our systems and processes accordingly.
  • We believe in on-going improvement and development in our systems and processes by implementing LEAN and continuous investment in up-to-date metal processing equipment.
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Core Values and Company Culture

When you choose ES3 as your supplier, you receive much more than quality solutions. You will also experience our total commitment to service and value, from initial inquiry to the placement of order, through to service back-up after delivery of goods. You will be dealing with a company which strongly values payments on time, which always acts with integrity, which believes in business partnerships and believes in the importance of value and competitive pricing.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“As manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery, we have traditionally used very conventional methods to process our hollow components: sawing, plasma-cutting, drilling, etc. and considered these to be cost-effective. But we are changing. Having now experienced the accuracy, uniformity, and versatility of having components Tube-Lasered by ES3, we are looking for more opportunities to save time and money using this fantastic process. The excellent design support, the willingness to do small batches and fast service provided by ES3, has proved to be a winning formula for us. Thank you ES3!”