Looking for someone to draft your ideas?

Do have a product you need to manufacture that’s being held up due to design drawing delays? Getting it right the first time is important for your business efficiency, ensuring the end result is perfect. We understand that finding an end-to-end solution provider for your CAD requirements can be time-consuming and challenging.

CAD Drawing

ES3 can provide the technology and expertise to design your parts

We can help you with all aspects of the drafting process, from 2D drawings through to 3D CAD modelling and product development. Years of experience in the engineering and design fields enable us to take anything from a sketch, sample product, or even just a thought, and make it a reality. This is done using the latest technology in CAD software.

With our in-house CAD and network of industrial design partners, we can take care of this part of the project for you.

CAD SoftwareSolid Edge
2D File Formatsdxf, dwg, pdf
3D File Formatsstep, x_t, sldprt
Quote Response Time4 Hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm)