CNC Folding

ES3 have invested in advanced CNC folding machinery which enables us to offer a highly accurate sheet metal folding service to complement our laser cutting capabilities.

Our LVD EasyForm press brake software allows us to create bending simulations offline to ensure a part is possible to fold prior to the profile being laser cut. All tooling setups and bending sequences are calculated at the offline programming stage which allows both simple and complex parts to be produced very efficiently on the shop floor.

CNC Folding - LVD EasyForm Press Brake
Our LVD EasyForm Press Brake offers in-process angle monitoring and correction.

CNC Folding Capabilities

We have a large range of press brake tooling available to match your manufacturing requirements. We can press or fold up to 16mm thickness in a variety of different steel types including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Max. Power170 ton
Max. Part Length3000mm
Max. Material Thickness16mm
Angle Precision± 0.5°
Leg Length Tolerance (thickness ≤ 5mm)± 0.5mm
Leg Length Tolerance (thickness > 5mm)± 10% of thickness

Bend Radii and K-factors

Click here to download our bend radius and k-factor chart.

Please note that this chart is not a complete list of all material types and thicknesses we can fold; rather it is intended as a general guideline for the most common materials.

Exact results can vary depending on a number of factors such as material properties and grain direction. The numbers we’ve published are based on test pieces that have been folded with the bend line running perpendicular to the grain direction (why is this important?).