Tube Laser Cutting

Become part of the tube laser cutting world

Tube laser cutting is an excellent way to manufacture complex components from tube, pipe, box section, angle, and other sections. Once you experience the laser precision, cut quality, and versatility, you’ll never go back to conventional processing methods.

Looking for a tube laser cutting provider? You’ll need someone who understands the design and specialised manufacturing process that is unique to three dimensional laser cutting. Having your components delivered by an experienced team will save you both time and money.

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Let us take care of your tube laser cutting

ES3 are proud to be pioneers of the tube laser technology in New Zealand. We can provide solutions to suit all your needs with tube components. The technology allows us to help you with new product designs, product simplification, and reducing product costs. With this revolutionary machine, we can design new 3D structures that would not be possible using conventional methods.

We can cut square, round, angle, or other sections that will fit into a 226mm round area. The minimum size we can cut in a round or square hollow section is 15mm x 15mm, maximum sizes listed below:

Max. Tube / Pipe Diameter226 mm
Max. Rectangular Hollow Section Size200 x 100 mm
Max. Square Hollow Section Size160 mm
Max. Wall Thickness – Mild Steel10 mm
Max. Wall Thickness – Stainless Steel8 mm
Max. Wall Thickness – Aluminium8 mm
Max. Raw Material Length8 m
Max. Finished Part Length6.5 m
Max. Raw Material Weight35 kg/m